A New Week

So the last day in September was my last day working for my employer - enough said.

So today after a weeks rest I begin my next journey, one that has been calling me for oh…14 years or so. I am going to start a web hosting company. Yep I know I am mad, everyone and their brother is doing it, already done it, already got the biggest and best company in the world. Yep I know, don’t care because I want one too - I want to know if I can make a living out of probably one of the toughest parts of the internet.

Now some people I have spoken to have said I need a niche, well I am not so sure that I do. I think that web hosting companies should not specialise in what they do except they should host the web - think about that for a second what does that mean, what does that take? Its a lot of things and different things all at the same time. They should not think that people or companies are all the same - everyone is different and they should not try and offer the same experience to everyone either as that is not going to fit. The trouble is that getting to this place where my hosting company can do all the things it should do for its customers is going to take time, lots of time. Why? Because only some of this exists and the rest needs to be created but today I am going to start out with something that really does not fit everyone and just get somewhere to prove that I can 1. do this myself and 2. it can earn enough money that I don’t need to get a job while it grows (that would be super boring!)

Hardware bought, datacenter picked, operating system chosen, hosting software purchased - time to pull it all together.

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