Snow Leopard

To say I am looking forward to Snow Leopard is an understatement - the prospect of getting rid of Microsoft Entourage is making me giddy, my only worry is that it won’t live up to the dream. So when at 6pm today here in Shanghai I get an email saying it is in the post I jumped for joy (literally and in a lift which freaked some people out). How do I get my copy of OS X - well first it is shipped to my address in England and from there we FedEx it to China - mad but seeing as they are not releasing it in China on the same day its the only way I can get my hands on a copy right now, well three or four days behind the rest of you but oh well.

snow leopard

It seems some people might already have an early release as the articles are starting to come out including this from Engadget but more interestingly is the fact that I think this next one also from Engadget is spot on, they talk about how the Exchange support will have people moving over in flocks. Perhaps not flocks but if they really have got it right and it all works as you expect Apple products to work then all that is left is for people to realise that iWork is a great product or OpenOffice gets their load time down to something under 30 seconds with some better web 2.0 style graphics then the whole world can tell Microsoft to stuff it.

Photo by FransBadger

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