Required Reading



  • China
* [China: Where Patience Meets Speed](

* [Foreign-registered companies face China tax scrutiny](

* [Analyst: cyberwarfare arms race with China imminent](

* [China fails to silence voice from the grave](
  • Databases:
* [Facebook, Hadoop, and Hive](
  • Development:
* [Yahoo! Pipes and the HTML5 canvas tag](

* [Linked Data is Blooming: Why You Should Care](

* [Designing a Custom WordPress Theme - Working with a Designer](

* [Designing a Custom WordPress Theme - Working with a Designer [PART 2]](
  • Random Others:
* [Blog Launch Check List](

* [A Brief Letter to Startup CEOs, CPOs & Founders](

* [Behind the Scenes Outsourcing with Chaunna](

* [5 Reasons To Buy David Meerman Scott’s World Wide Rave (And 2 Reasons Not To)](

* [About Those iPhone App Store Revenue Numbers](

* [The Rackspace Cloud Talks PaaS On Analyst Podcast](

* [Not Being a Real Person: The #1 Self-Development Anti-Hack](
  • SEO
* [Directory Submissions for Success](

* [How MailChimp Uses CoTweet](

* [5 Lessons Celebrities Can Teach Us About Facebook Pages](

* [Google AdWords, PPC Industry Becoming Far More Cut Throat](

* [Headsmacking Tip #13: Don't Accidentally Block Link Juice with Robots.txt](

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