My Top Free Magento Plugins

Here are my top free plugins for Magento Commerce

  • Canonical URL’s for Magento - This extension adds the new canonical links to the head of your Magento pages.
  • Yoast MetaRobots - There’s no easy way to add meta robots tags to Magento pages, unless of course, when you install this plugin.
  • Yoast Blank SEO Theme - This is a clean simplistic SEO optimized Theme based on the core Magento Blank Theme. This theme can be easily customized by professional designers.
  • MailChimp ECommerce360 Reporting - The MailChimp Ecommerce Tracking Plugin helps you measure the ROI of your email campaigns. We’ll track when people click from your email campaigns, visit your website, all the way to purchase. Then we’ll aggregate the information and display it on your MailChimp campaign report.
  • Dataflow Extension - This module extends the dataflow module, so categories can be added to the product export.
  • Auto CrossSell Products - This small extension attempts to automate the product cross sell maintenance. Every time a customer checks out, all products that are in the shopping cart are linked as cross sell products.
  • Lazzymonks Twitter - Displays Twitter updates in the menu and allows updates from within the admin panel
  • Product Gallery Importer - Product Gallery Importer lets you import products with multiple product images from a CSV file.
  • Lazzymonks Google Ads - Adds Google Ads Blocks to the bottom of either the menu
  • Fooman Speedster - Speed up your store by combining, compressing and caching JS and CSS.

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