Whats a cooking?

Good question, two things really.

One - the company I spend most of my time working for sprang back into profit in January which is fantastic considering how rough the seas are out there for exporters from China! Talking to some people it has come at just the right time as everyone is wondering either in the back of their mind or in the front if the company will survive these dreadful economic times. Now that profit is back and we have some great help with our accounts and cash flow forecasting I am sure that we can hold steady in the wind.

Two - I have started a test to see what happens, I want to see just how effective writing content alone will be, so for this purpose I have bought a bunch of fresh domains all within my celeb niche and I am currently looking for someone to write content for them. I will do the usual things for a blog, let the posts do the talking and see how quickly fresh, non-duplicated content takes to grow the blogs to a good size. The last test I did was picture content alone with a title - it took only 1 week for the blog to go from 20 to 100 visitors a day and stay there for all time, that particular blog has had no updates since early November and has now started to gain more traffic from images.google.xxx. doubling the traffic over the last couple of weeks. My tests always seems to cost me money but don’t really make me any - perhaps that should be the next test…

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