Distributed IT Network Backups?

I am currently building the foundation of my companies new IT network, its looking very open source heavy, very Cisco based and also very distributed. Think five sites and only little old me to do most of the “heavy lifting”.

I have a great second but sometimes we need time off - thats fine and good but what happens to our backups? Well at the moment there really is only one server of any importance that we need to backup & so I gave this job (mainly because the server is in his office) to my assistant. Well what happens when he goes on holiday and the worst of the worst comes I cant get to the site to change tapes?

Well because its a one tape backup - the backup just keeps on writing to the same tape - backup ok, good course not!

We use Rackspace for our customer facing servers & so I keep tabs on them. Their CTO of webmail.us recently blogged that they use Amazon’s EC2 for backup & it got me thinking. Thats quite a nice solution for me too - all the backups of various things in all the various offices can all just backup straight to EC2.

Um.. going to chew on that for a while

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