Online Backup

So this morning I was as usual reading my subscribed blogs & found out about this company that just got bought for some stupid amount of money & so I thought I would have a nice little look and see why they are worth the money. I still don’t know to be honest why they were worth so much cash but I don’t mind because I found a nice and cheap backup system for my Apple which if you are a Apple user you will know that finding a cheap but good online backup system that support Mac is well… hard!

At this time the Mac support is beta but I really don’t mind too much as long as it does backup my stuff!

$4.99 for “unlimited” backup space - um…. I thought where is that signup button

And with probably 90% of techies out there you have a parent who depends on you for help, so I pinged off an email to my Mum to subscribe too!

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