eBay and VeRO

Over the last couple of weeks I have been deeply involved with something that eBay calls VeRO - basically this is a way that eBay pushes the responsibility of checking for fake, patent or trademark infringing goods back onto the owners of those trademarks. The rights owner simply sends in an email to VeRO and eBay removes the item and warns the seller of those goods to contact the rights owner and sort it out.

For the most part the system works - except when you want to fix the “infringement” and get it removed from your eBay history. At this point eBay basically make you get the rights owner to contact their VeRO contact and tell them that they made a mistake. You see eBay cant get involved in the fight - but the strict hoops they make you and the rights owners go through to get it removed is just well silly.

If the rights owner emails my eBay account manager that does not count, if they email customer support at eBay that also does not count - it has to be directly to VeRO. What a pain! Come on eBay - if a rights owner contacts you any how does it really matter - making them jump through more hoops just is senseless - especially when nearly all the rights owners don’t even know their own contact at VeRO.

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