My First Apple - a MacBook Pro

Well I did it and took the plunge - I bought an Apple MacBook Pro. Lets just say that I read nearly every review under the sun about it, and I waited my time for the dual core to be release by Intel assuming that Apple would make the switch.

I bought it in the UK with a three year warrantee and only the 2GB of RAM, I am going on the assumption that by the time I need the third gig that RAM prices will have dropped below what Apple were charging for it on their website.

I got my boss to bring it back to China with him after Christmas all I could think when I got it out was wow! I am addicted to OS X, its crazy good.

I Love it!

I know why Jobs made the switch to Intel - its to tempt people like me to buy an Apple without the worry that we can never use Windows XP, yer I know Microsoft but at the end of the day Microsoft products are the ones that I have to use all day long to run the companies servers and desktops.

Just starting to download Bootcamp - and with Vista and Office 2007 release just round the corner I think this is the perfect test platform.

Pics to follow!

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